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For those of you who don’t know, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest consumer electronics trade show of the year, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Last year was kind of a disappointment, with most companies feeling the effects of the downturned economy and not showing many exciting products.

But this year CES is back with shiny new gadgets. You probably won’t be able to afford them, and they probably won’t actually be available until next year, but still, they are shiny new gadgets!!

So I’ve picked out some of my favorites and I’m going to tell you what they do or why they are cool, without using the words Core 2 Duo, OLED display, or HDMI.

IdeaPad U1

Source: Lenovo

Tablets and Netbooks

Tablets and Netbooks were big this year at CES. So why not make a laptop that is both a tablet AND a netbook?! Lenovo’s Ideapad U1 does just that.

It’s basically a really small laptop that has a detachable screen for easy mobility. It’s kind of like a Barbie doll (super skinny and easy to pop the head on and off). Here: watch some people play with it!

VT 25

Source: Panasonic

3D Televisions

Panasonic VT25 Series TVs. 3D television in the home is here! All you have to do is wear these super cool looking 3D glasses…

My question is, how long until these glasses are worn ironically by New York hipsters?

VT 25

Source: Hearst


The Amazon Kindle now has some competition. CES 2010 saw such E-book readers as Samsung’s E6/101 and Entourage’s Edge. But I’m most excited about Hearst’s Skiff Reader. It’s designed to let you read electronic versions of your magazines all on one device. Now we just need the magazine industry to put their magazines on it.


VT 25

Source: Google

Google has a cellphone! The Google Nexus One is Google’s first foray into the hardware industry. It’s branded Google, sold by Google (and T-Mobile at the moment), and fully compatible with all of Google’s service. It’s like the iPhone, but made my Google!

Intel Wireless Display

This technology (once you buy a new TV that has it), will let you plug in a box that allows you to see your computer screen on your TV without cluttering your beautiful living room with wires.

Skype on your TV

LG and Panasonic have begun including webcams in their sets that, combined with Skype applications, allow for easy, free video conferencing through your television.

VT 25

Source: Skype

What did you think was cool?

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